Thank you for booking your discovery call! We look forward to meeting you. Here’s more information on what to expect.

If you got here by mistake and were looking to book a discovery call, you can schedule a call at the bottom of this page.

Discovery calls are essential to understanding what stage your business is at. We don’t want you scale before your business is ready, that wouldn’t be a win for either one of us.

At The Virtual Collab, we believe that your business should have certain foundations in place at each stage of growth. We’ve seen too many brands try to mirror others, who are at different stages. This can be a critical mistake that we want to start addressing in our industry.

What Will Happen at a Virtual Collab Discovery Call?

Discovery calls are usually 30-minutes. We review what’s currently working in your business and take a high level view of your short and long-term goals. If we feel that one of our services will help you achieve those goals we send move forward through the onboarding process.

What is the cost of a discovery call?

There’s no charge for a discovery call. We’ve found that these quick sessions help us determine if we are a good fit to work together.  

Do I have to sign up for ongoing services with The Virtual Collab?

No, especially if we feel like it may not be the right time to add virtual support services. We don’t believe in offering services that are not necessary in your business at the moment.  

No matter what, we want to see you grow the right way!

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