I’m sure if you use Canva Pro, you’ve seen the new feature release. The Canva Content Planner is easy to use, but we’re not 100% sold just yet. Found out why.

image of a tablet in off mode - text Canva Content Planner see it in action

What We Really Think About the Canva Content Planner

You know we love Canva here, we’ve done mini workshops showing others how to really harness the power of this design program.

It’s extremely user-friendly and they’re always coming up with new features to make our lives easier. Enter the Canva Content Planner.

Night time is when I get to work on my own business as our work hours are focused on our clients’ businesses. When I jumped on last night, I saw a new tab, which sadly gets me all giddy. I’m a geek, I know!

screenshot of the content planner feature in Canva

I went to see what it’s all about, and it’s an easy-to-follow set up. You get sent over right into a calendar where you can create a design to be scheduled or published through Canva.

The Benefits of the Canva Content Planner

The pro-side to this is no more downloading then uploading your designs.

Once you’ve scheduled a post you can still see it on your calendar so you can track what you’ve published. Awesome, right?!

calendar showing a published Facebook post in Canva

You can go for concept to published in far less time without ever leaving the program!

The Cons of the Content Planner

I don’t know if these are hard pass cons or not yet, only time will tell. When you watch the walk thru video below you’ll see that I hit a permissions snag when pairing Facebook. Make sure to read them carefully so you know exactly what you’re agreeing to.

I opted not to give them access to my ads, I don’t think it’s a big deal if you’re planning on creating graphics for ads, BUT we just don’t know what the potential risk is yet. I’m just not about to take the chance, especially on a new feature.

Did it still work fine? Yes, you’ll see in the video it all worked out just fine.

The other drawback is that it’s still a 3rd party scheduler. As many of you know, they are not necessarily loved by social media platforms and algorithms, but they are the first to get buggy when platforms change security settings.

Video Walk Thru

Overall Thoughts of the Canva Content Planner

I actually think it’s a huge step, especially for business transitioning into the online space. It takes away a bit of pain points like downloading, media storage, and working in multiple programs.

Since it’s so new, it’s really hard to nail down if those cons will really play any effect into the overall performance of the feature.

Hope you enjoyed!

Chris Jerry