Angelyn Boose, Inspiration Generation Strategist/Owner/CEO
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Angelyn Boose
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It is through my business—MY Marketing Design Services—that I am able to actively work with and support the creative industry that I love (and am part of). By applying the knowledge that I've gained from the public and private industry marketing work that I was engaged in, performed over the course of 24+ years, I want to use those experiences to help creators and other small businesses and organizations grow to the highest of heights!

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Inspiration Generation Strategist/Owner/CEO
MY Marketing Design Services
Market Yourself. Market Your Life.
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FindING the right service provider

Every business is unique. There are no one size fits all service providers. From virtual assistants to coaches, we’ve got them all.

  • All service providers are required to offer a discovery call option so you can see if you’re a good fit.
  • Knowing what role you need filled will make a huge difference in finding the right match.
  • We have found that on average it takes 60 days of working together to find an optimized process. So keep that in mind when you’re working with someone new.
  • Having clear expectations and ability to communicate and confirm needs will shorten the optimization time between you and your service provider.


We’ve done our best to pre-screen the service based businesses listed in our directory. They’ve either worked directly with our founder on a minimum of 3 successful projects or have gone through our service provider training and received 3 positive reviews.

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER* We cannot guarantee exact results such as increased % of traffic, revenue, followers, etc . In fact, we advise service providers to do the same, because algorithms and technology changes constantly. This causes fluctuations and requires adjustments that don’t always fit our timeline.